Why We Matter

Fostering a prosperous region

The educated, mobile workforce of the future can choose to live anywhere.  Successful regions attract skilled workers by providing a high quality of life:  a healthy environment, clean water, convenient transit options, parks for recreation and exercise, and housing options.  The Twin Cities region is a great place to live, work, raise a family and do business; we aim to keep it that way, and improve it.

All the Council’s work is focused on enhancing our region’s quality of life and supporting its economic competitiveness.  Here's how:



  • Our Metro Transit bus and rail systems get people to work, school and services, and help reduce road congestion so businesses can move their goods efficiently.

  • Our Metro Mobility and Transit Link services transport people unable to use regular-route transit.

  • Transportation planners play a key role in creating our vision for roads and transit to ensure effective and cost-efficient investments. 

Plant Water Tanks

Clean water and wastewater treatment

Gateway Lofts

Planning and development

Biker In Park


New Building


  • Our Housing Policy Plan will identify regional housing needs and priorities, connect housing to other Council system plans, and provide guidance for local housing planning.

  • Our Metro HRA provides affordable housing for more than 6,800 low-income residents in nearly 100 communities.