Local Planning Assistance

Cities, townships and counties in the seven-county area prepare comprehensive plans as required by the Metropolitan Land Planning Act. Council staff

  • coordinate review of local comprehensive land use plans and environmental documents
  • provide professional planning and technical assistance
  • offer cities assistance for implementing local plans and programs, and help in resolving issues.

The Council supports communities in their planning process by providing

Livable Communities Program

Livable Communities grants help support participating communities in

  • cleaning up polluted land for redevelopment and new jobs
  • creating affordable housing opportunities
  • creating development or redevelopment projects that demonstrate efficient and cost-effective use of land and infrastructure, a range of housing types and costs, commercial and community uses, walkable neighborhoods, and easy access to transit and open space.

Research, statistics and geographic data

The Council's Research and Geographic Information System (GIS) groups compile and provide communities with useful planning data about demographics, economy, development trends and geographic data. More about regional statistics, data, and GIS services.

Environmental Services

The Council's environmental services group assists communities throughout the region by coordinating watershed planning and pollution prevention efforts, providing cost-effective wastewater treatment services, and much more. More about Environmental Services.