Metro Transit Employer & Commuter Outreach Facts

Metro Transit promotes transportation choices

Plug into your mobile device on an express bus. Exercise by biking to work. Carpool with a friend. Work from home and avoid the rush. 

Alternatives to solo driving allow employees to arrive at work relaxed and ready to gowithout the hassles of traffic congestion or parking. Add to that the savings for both commuters and employers. Plus, cutting back on your solo driving habit leaves metro area roads less congested and safer. 

Commuters in the Twin Cities metro area have plenty of options:

  • Bus and rail service

  • Bicycling

  • Carpools and vanpools

  • Telecommuting

  • Flexible or staggered work hours

Metro Transit connects with commuters and employers to reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles on the roads and highways by providing information and services about the variety of transportation options to commuters. 

Photo of a close up of a Van Pool

Online ride-matching makes pooling easier 

Keeping up with the needs of commuters in the region, Metro Transit has an online ride-matching service. This tool allows commuters to register their home address, work address, and work hours, and find other people who want to carpool or vanpool. 

One of the biggest advantages for commuters is that they can update their individual profile online and access potential matches as often as they need. 

Preferred parking for carpools and vanpools

People who carpool or vanpool may qualify for benefits such as free, discounted or preferred parking, and the ability to use high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes on the region’s freeways. In addition, they save money on gas, insurance and other commuting costs. 

Photo of man loading bike onto light railMetro Transit works with organizations, companies, schools, private and public parking-ramp and surface-parking owners, cities and others to provide discounted, free and preferred parking spaces for registered carpools and vanpools. 

Programs provide tax benefits to employers 

In addition to reducing worker stress, some commuting programs provide tax benefits to employers. For example, the Metropass program allows employers a tax advantage for the amount they subsidize the cost of employee transit passes, up to $130 per month per employee. More than 300 employers are enrolled in the program. 

In event of emergencies 

All commuters who ride the bus or train, or who carpool, vanpool, bicycle or walk at least three days a week to work or school are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program. Registered participants can request reimbursement up to four times per year or $100 in value, whichever comes first, for eligible trips with valid documentation. Trips must be a part of your school or work commute. Acceptable uses include leaving work due to illness or having to pick up a sick child, having to work unexpected overtime, or if your regular carpool is not available to leave when needed. 

Employers receive free assistance 

Metro Transit provides an Employer Outreach Specialist to work with employers and schoolsat no chargeto identify the most effective commuting strategies for their workplaces. 

Council supports transportation management organizations 

The Metropolitan Council  supports and helps fund four Transportation Management Organizations (TMOs) in the region. They include: 

TMOs focus on the needs of the business community and commuters in specific geographic areas. Metro Transit focuses on the needs of businesses and commuters on a regional level. Metro Transit hosts monthly meetings for all agencies working with businesses on travel-demand-management strategies. The meetings are designed for TDM professionals to meet, share information, brainstorm, and work on current and future projects. The goal is to ensure that funds for business outreach and other programs are used efficiently. 

Annual promotions spur participation 

photo of the #25 busTo encourage carpooling, transit, biking and other commuting alternatives, Metro Transit sponsors an annual incentive promotion. The promotion engages businesses to promote commuting to their employees and offers prizes. Staff is available throughout the year to conduct Transportation Commuter Fairs at employer sites and organizations who help promote our programs. 

Metro Transit holds an annual event, the Commuter Choice Awards, to recognize companies, schools, and individuals for their innovations in developing, implementing, and supporting commuter transportation programs.