Small Business Program Functions

The Small Business Programs have several different functions.  Here's a brief explanation of each of these functions.  

Set Participation Goals

Most projects at the Metropolitan Council are subject to Small Business participation goals.  

Monitor Project Participation 

The Metropolitan Council monitors participation on projects through multiple activities such as:

  • Pre-construction meetings

  • Reviewing payments to DBE & MCUB firms

  • Conducting Site Visits to determine if DBE & MCUB firms are providing a Commercially Useful Function

  • Payment Verification

  • Conflict Resolution

Certify DBE Firms

The Council participates in the Minnesota Unified Certification Program (MNUCP).  When a business applies to the MNUCP for DBE certification if it is approved, that certification is used by several Minnesota agencies.  To be eligible for DBE certification the business must:

  • Be at least 51%-owned by a socially and economically disadvantaged individual(s) who also controls the firm

  • Be owned by a disadvantaged individual(s) must have a Personal Net Worth below $1,320,000

  • Have gross receipts within the Small Business Administration (SBA) size standard 

  • Be a for-profit business 

See the MNUCP's partnering agencies, certification information, forms for DBE’s, and the DBE application

Maintain Small Business Directories 

The Office of Equal Opportunity is responsible for maintaining separate directories of businesses for the DBE and MCUB program, as there are different criteria for eligibility for businesses to participate in each program.

The DBE Directory is a list of MNUCP - certified firms. You can find the detailed information for each firm by searching the DBE Directory.  

The MCUB directory lists firms eligible to be counted towards the MCUB project goals. You can find the detailed information for each firm by searching the MCUB Directory. See more information about the MCUB Program.

Outreach & Training

The Metropolitan Council provides outreach to DBE & MCUB firms by organizing and sponsoring events such as

  • Project specific “Meet and Greets”

  • Workshops, training and education events 

  • Participation in regional procurement fairs 

Additional training, events and outreach information is posted on the MNUCP website. Most of these events are open to both DBE and MCUB firms, unless otherwise noted.