Solar Community Resources

The purpose of this web page is to aggregate all the Metro Region’s local government Solar Energy Planning resources. The Solar Energy Planning resources on this page encompass Planning documents, City Ordinances, and Local Government Webpages.

  • Solar Energy Planning documents include Energy Action Plans, Sustainability Plans, Resilience Plans, Climate Action Plans, and select chapters from 2040 Comprehensive Plan Updates.

  • City Ordinance resources include City Codes that have explicitly titled (sub)sections for Solar Energy (i.e. - “Solar Energy Systems Ordinance”, “Alternative Energy Systems Ordinance”, etc.).

  • Local Government Webpage resources include links to municipal solar energy permitting and inspections webpages, utility engagement webpages, financial resource webpages, and solar energy development and educational resource webpages. The Council has developed a Local Government Solar Landing Page Resources Template for Metro Region Communities.

To access Solar Energy Planning resources beyond the seven-county metro region, visit the Metropolitan Council’s Solar Page “Solar Energy Planning & Implementation Resources,” which aggregates useful guides, organizations, and tools from across the State of Minnesota, the Upper Midwest Region, and the Country. As a seven-county metro community, you may also contact your Local Planning Assistance Sector Representative to put you in touch with the Metropolitan Council’s Solar Advisor.

Solar Resources

Find resources by community or by resource type (ordinances, plans, etc.)

Solar Communities Map

The highlighted communities have Solar Sustainability & Energy plans, ordinances or web resources.

SolSmart Designated Communities” are communities that are incorporating national solar energy best practices into their planning and permitting processes to become solar-ready communities. There are currently 26 Metro Communities, representing 1.5 million residents, actively enrolled in SolSmart.

SolSmart Enrolled/Designated Metro Communities
1 Apple Valley 10 Jordan (Bronze) 19 Saint Anthony Village (Silver)
2 Belle Plaine (Bronze) 11 Mahtomedi (Bronze) 20 Saint Francis (Silver)
3 Bloomington (Gold) 12 Maplewood (Silver) 21 Saint Louis Park (Bronze)
4 Burnsville (Bronze) 13 Minneapolis (Gold) 22 Saint Paul (Gold)
5 Eden Prairie (Gold) 14 Minnetonka 23 Scandia
6 Edina (Gold) 15 New Brighton 24 Shorewood (Bronze)
7 Falcon Heights (Bronze) 16 Oakdale 25 Woodbury
8 Golden Valley (Bronze) 17 Ramsey County (Bronze)    
9 Hopkins 18 Roseville (Gold)  

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