Collaborating in WebGrants

Add other people to your application

Livable Communities applicants often collaborate to complete a grant application. It is simple and quick to do, but it requires a bit of setup from each involved person and from the Council.
  1. First make sure everyone working on the application is registered in WebGrants.
  2. Next, if you are an independent grant writer, you will need authorization from the city in which your project is located to work on an application on their behalf. Livable Communities staff will coordinate the authorization.
  3. Finally, all parties working on a given application must be cited as contacts in the General Information form.

Getting started

Council staff strongly recommends against sharing userIDs/passwords. Do not make changes to your user profile (user name, etc.) in an effort to allow someone else to "see" your application. Instead, contact us for help. Changing your user profile can result in locking your collaborators out of the application.


To register

First, make sure everyone is registered in WebGrants.

  • Go to and complete the registration form. 
  • Your registration will generate an email to Council staff, who will review the registration details.
    • If you work for an eligible applicant (for example, if you are an employee of a city participating in the Livable Communities program), Council staff will approve your registration immediately. 
    • If you are a consultant, developer or an independent grant writer, your registration will require a second step: Council staff will contact you to determine the name of the participating city and staff member with which you are working, and then the Council will contact that city staffer for approval and then connect your user profile to that city only. This allows participating cities to control the applications submitted on its behalf. Until this step is done, you will not have access to that city's applications. 
    • As a final registration step, you will get an email from the system advising you that your registration is complete and giving you your user ID and initial password. 

Next, connect all your collaborators to the application. 

  • One individual working for an eligible applicant agency - known in the system thereafter as the primary contact - must begin the application (see the user guide for more detailed information) and complete at least the first form, called "General Information."
  • Save the General Information form by clicking "Save" in the Command Bar at the top of your screen. 
  • Here's the non-intuitive part: Edit that same page by clicking "Edit" in the Command Bar.
  • An additional field will now appear, called "Additional Contacts." In this field, the primary contact may select the names of other registered users who are associated with that particular city. Use the keystroke combination of holding down the Control key and clicking to select multiple names.
  • Save the application again - all the selected users will now be able to access the application from the "My Applications" link on the home page.  
Select your collaborators' names from the Additional Contacts field