Litigation Review Committee

The Council's Litigation Review Committee monitors and reviews pending and potential litigation and claims matters involving the Council.

The committee meets quarterly on the third Wednesday of January, April, July and October at 3 p.m. at 390 Robert Street North, Saint Paul, MN 55101.


Members: Harry Melander, chair; Gary L. Cunningham; Lona Schreiber. More about the Council Members.

Staff Contacts:

  • Ann Bloodhart, General Counsel (651.602.1105)

  • Trina Harris, Recording Secretary (651.602.1712)

Note: Minutes are not final until approved at the following meeting.
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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
10/17/2018 Agenda  
7/18/2018 Agenda  
4/18/2018 Agenda Minutes
1/17/2018 Agenda  
10/18/2017 Agenda Minutes
7/19/2017 Agenda  
4/19/2017 Agenda  
1/18/2017 Agenda  
10/19/2016 Agenda  
7/20/2016 Agenda  
4/20/2016 Agenda Minutes
1/20/2016 Agenda Minutes
10/21/2015 Agenda Minutes
7/15/2015 Agenda  
4/15/2015 Agenda Minutes
1/21/2015 Agenda  
10/15/2014 Agenda Minutes
7/16/2014 Agenda  
4/16/2014 Agenda Minutes
1/15/2014 Agenda  
10/16/2013 Agenda  
4/17/2013 Agenda Minutes