2020 Census in the Twin Cities Region

The U.S. Census Bureau and Metropolitan Council are preparing for the 2020 Census. As a coordinating agency in the Census Bureau's State Data Center (SDC) network, the Council is coordinating the review and update of Census Tracts and Block Groups to be used in the next decade. 

Local governments and other census data users often need data summarized for detailed, local areas. The Census Bureau maps sub-county statistical area geographies—Tracts and Block Groups—and publishes data tables for them. The current review and update is an opportunity for local governments, the Council, and other stakeholders to redraw the Tracts and Block Groups map, informed by local data needs and following the guidelines of Census Bureau’s Participant Statistical Areas Program (PSAP).   

  • Census Tracts are geographic divisions of a county, with a population range of 1,200 to 8,000 persons. 

  • Block Groups are subdivisions of Tracts, with a population range of 600 to 3,000 persons.

What would you like to see on the map? 

Metropolitan Council has prepared a preliminary set of redrawn 2020 statistical areas, informed by the Council’s estimates of 2017 population and housing units. In some areas, new Special Block Groups are delineated to identify local employment centers.

Both 2010 statistical area boundaries and preliminary 2020 statistical area boundaries are available for review through an interactive online mapProposed-2020-Census-Geographies-Map-Image.jpg

We are seeking input from local governments and other census data users. Interested parties are invited to describe their needs for detailed data for sub-county or sub-city service areas, districts, or zones. You can also indicate or illustrate specific Tracts or Block Groups boundaries that serve your needs. 

If you wish to provide input on Census Tracts or Block Groups, we ask for comments and requests by April 30, 2019. Please forward questions, comments, or suggestions to Paul Hanson at paul.hanson@metc.state.mn.us or 651-602-1642.

Following the comment period, the 2020 statistical areas will be further edited to reflect needs identified by interested parties. Metropolitan Council will submit proposed statistical areas for the Twin Cities metro area to the Census Bureau in May 2019.