Community Choice program

Ensuring CHOICE in the Metro HRA Housing Voucher Program

Community Choice is a program of the Metropolitan Council’s Metro HRA that assists families with Housing Choice Vouchers find housing in areas of opportunity. The program will help families achieve self-sufficiency and success in their new neighborhoods

View the Community Choice Guidebook here (PDF)

Community Choice is dedicated to coordinating supportive services to improve the quality of life for people in our region, and partnering with landlords and communities to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing. It is based on a commitment to equity, and a conviction that the region is stronger when residents have access to opportunity and can choose to live in communities that provide possibilities for success, prosperity, and quality of life. 

Who is eligible?

Eligible families must be a new or current participant of the Housing Choice Voucher program.  
In addition, families must:

  • be committed to job training, furthering education, and securing employment

  • have a minor child or children in the household, and

  • have the desire to move to an area that provides more opportunity.  

What are the benefits of participating?

Families receive individual counseling to locate, secure, and be successful in housing in an opportunity-rich neighborhood of their choice. Counselors will connect participants with supportive service providers as needed, and participants will have access to damage deposit assistance. 

Community Choice will help families identify opportunity-rich neighborhoods, specifically those with high-performing schools and low poverty.   

How does Community Choice work?

Participation is a specialized three-way partnership between Metro HRA, families and landlords. Community Choice will promote and rely on the strong partnerships that are vital to the region’s success.

Metro HRA  will work one-on-one with committed families to  prepare them for moving and a successful transition into their new neighborhood. Metro HRA will identify, engage, and educate potential and willing landlords who want to work with Community Choice.

Families must participate in counseling assessments, self-sufficiency goal setting and community and housing search assistance. Families must be willing to stay connected with Metro HRA counselors and engage as a resident and neighbor. 

Participating landlords should have properties in opportunity-rich areas and desire long-term responsible tenants.  Landlords can expect: 

  • Direct contact with a mobility counselor to address any immediate concerns

  • Timely HRA rent payments

  • Damage deposits ready at lease signing.

How do Metro HRA counselors promote success?

Community Choice ensures CHOICE in the Housing Choice Voucher program. In addition to providing a critical tool to affordability, Community Choice promotes family success.  With assistance from counselors, families will be successful in finding and transitioning to a community where they can thrive, as well as contribute. Not only will families move to new neighborhoods, they will  move towards self-sufficiency. 

Keys to family success

  • Counseling-client assessment and goal setting tailored to each participant

  • Move-related financial assistance (i. e.,  security deposit, moving expenses)

  • Community and housing search assistance

  • Budgeting and financial training

  • Guidance on how to be a successful renter

  • On-going counseling  and support to ensure success in the new neighborhood

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