Metro Transit Fare App – A Review

Date: Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ease of Use

The biggest benefit has been not having to keep track of my card or make sure my card has funds on it. A number of times I realized I was out of funds on the card only minutes before leaving work for the bus stop. After adding more value on Metro Transit’s website, I would get to the bus to find out my new purchase was not available, leaving me to scrounge for change. I always have my phone and the fares are loaded immediately – no need to wait 24 hours.

For boarding, I just show the driver my phone screen, they nod, and push a button. A few drivers have commented that they like the app. No putting money in the fare box or scanning a card. It is only a second, but likely saves time for the driver.

Purchasing fares


Purchasing fares

Easy multiple fares are another benefit to the app. Multiple fare rides can be confusing on the Go To card. It always seems to annoy drivers when I ask for a youth fare or more than one adult fare. I often make mistakes when trying to purchase multiple train tickets at the stations. On the app, multiple rides just tap on the “Multiple Riders” tab and then choose which tickets to use. Drivers quickly recognize the multiple tickets.


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