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Date: 8/3/2016

Metro Transit buses don’t just assure safe transport for the thousands of riders we serve each day.
Metro Transit buses provided cool shelter for volunteers involved in the search for a missing boy during a summer day in 2013 that topped 100 degrees.Buses also provide shelter and comfortable, safe transport during emergencies—such as fires, natural disasters and other times of need.

Partner agencies may even request buses to temporarily house and transport groups of individuals who come under arrest, as has been the case recently in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul following demonstrations.

Many law enforcement agencies do not have adequate shelter or transport resources of their own. Buses provide a more comfortable and safe alternative to patrol cars or vans.

This longstanding tradition, going back decades, is called Operation 100. Situations where Metro Transit buses may be used by partner agencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Fires

  • Gas leaks

  • Other emergency responses or hazardous situations

  • Damaging storms or weather-related emergencies

  • Any disaster situations (such as the 2007 collapse of the I-35W bridge)

  • Demonstrations

When a fire destroyed an apartment and office building in Minneapolis in 2015, Metro Transit buses were there to provide shelter for displaced residents. When a tornado ripped through North Minneapolis in 2012, Metro Transit sent buses to transport volunteers during the cleanup of affected neighborhoods.

And when volunteers were searching for a missing boy on a hot summer day in 2013, Metro Transit buses provided cool shelter.

In recent years, buses have been dispatched more than 50 times to assist local emergency responders, fire departments, and law enforcement. 


Posted In: Transportation


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