Transit Assistance Program (TAP) offers $1 rides

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Date: 10/14/2016

Ride for $1 per trip – including transfers – until April 10, 2017!

Qualified low-income residents of the Twin Cities: Ride more for less through the new Transit Assistance Program (TAP).

How the pilot program works

  • Household member ages 13-64 – not including college students, seniors or persons with disabilities – are eligible to participate in the test program that will offer discounted transit rides, on any bus (express or non-express) or train at any times of day.  For those not eligible, other programs may apply.

  • Ride all regional buses and light rail for $1, transfers included.

  • On Northstar, your card will deduct $1 for the first $3 of the fare.  Additional surcharges will be deducted based on distance.

  • You can add value online, at any Go-To Card outlet (including all Cub Food stores) or any rail ticket machine.

NOTE:  Discount does not apply on Transit Link or Metro Mobility buses.

This pilot program will run for six months (one card per Certified ID).

Learn more about the TAP program.

Posted In: Transportation

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