Park System Enhancements

Regional park improvements range from landscaping and resurfacing trails, to maintaining and constructing facilities  and acquiring acres of new land to expand existing parks.  

The Council allocates state and regional funds for ongoing acquisition, development and non-capital projects such as environmental education for the parks system. Between 1974 and 2014, the
Council authorized a total of $626.9 million in
grant funds for those purposes.

Council staff work with the Metropolitan Parks and
Open Space Commission (MPOSC)
to review improvement needs. Their recommendations 
are compiled into the annual Regional Parks
Capital Improvement Program, which is reviewed and approved by the full Metropolitan Council.  

For a list of funded projects from the 2014 Regional Parks Capital Improvement Program, see the 2014 Metropolitan Regional Parks Capital Improvement Projects Funded from 2014 State and Metropolitan Council Bonds (pdf).