The Council is charged under state and federal law with overall planning for the seven-county metro region’s transportation system, including highways, transit, aviation, bicycles and pedestrians. Because moving people and goods efficiently supports a healthy economy, a well-functioning transportation system is essential to a prosperous regional future.

Transportation Policy Plan

The Council’s Transportation Policy Plan (TPP) details regional transportation goals, plans and investment priorities to ensure a robust, efficient transportation system as the region’s population grows. The TPP is up­dated periodically to reflect current and future transportation needs, new studies, funding, and other issues.

The TPP is implemented by MnDOT and regional transit providers, including Metro Transit, suburban transit authorities, and counties and their regional railroad authorities.

Federal law and regulations require that all communities with more than 50,000 residents have a Metropoli­tan Planning Organization (MPO) to coordinate transportation planning in order to receive federal transpor­tation funding. The Council is the designated MPO for the seven-county Twin Cities area.

Transportation Advisory Board

The Minnesota Legislature established the 33-member Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) in 1974 to fulfill federal requirements that the MPO include local elected officials and significant transportation providers in the continuing, cooperative and comprehensive regional transportation planning and funding processes. The TAB provides formal review of regional and state transportation plans; solicits, evaluates and selects projects to receive federal transportation funds; and conducts public hearings and adopts the region’s Transportation Improvement Program.

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