The Council‘s goal for water resources is to ensure a sustainable, water-rich future for generations to come and to integrate water resources management and protection into plans for the region’s growth. The Council’s 2040 Water Resources Policy Plan sets the direction and guidelines to achieve these goals.

  • Best management practices for surface water runoff in both new development and redevelopment protect the quality of the region’s lakes and rivers and, in some cases, restore previously lost natural features.

  • Convening local communities to create solutions to prevent localized water supply shortages ensures that residents and businesses will have the water they need without damaging the environment.

  • Careful planning of the region’s largest wastewater collection and treatment system results in the most efficient use of major public investments and protects public health.

Guidance for developing and maintaining effective wastewater services

The Council’s water resources policy plan contains guidelines for developing and maintaining service systems that support development and for which the Council has some statutory responsibility, including wastewater service, surface water management and regional water supply. The Council is committed to working collaboratively with state and federal agencies, local and county governments, watershed management organizations, interest groups and the public to ensure the protection of the region’s rich water resources as the region continues to grow.

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