Planning Projects

The Council continually assesses its transportation, housing and wastewater treatment services to ensure that it's delivering these essential services as strategically, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. As part of that responsibility, the Council develops policy plans to guide regional development in several key areas:

In addition to these ongoing planning responsibilities, the Council is involved with two unique planning initiatives that will help guide our region's vision and policies for the future:  ThriveMSP 2040 and the  Partnership for Opportunity.

ThriveMSP 2040

Completed in 2014, Thrive MSP 2040 is the long-range comprehensive plan that helps shape the course of the Twin Cities metropolitan area over the next 30 years.

Thrive MSP 2040 will guide decisions of the Council and others in the region to provide the essential services and facilities, the land-use policies and strategies, and the partnerships to make this vision a reality.  More about Thrive MSP 2040.

Frog Town Square

Partnership for Regional Opportunity

The Partnership for Regional Opportunity (PRO)  initiative provides grants for projects to strengthen communities in existing and planned transitway corridors. It’s a collaborative effort that includes the Council and a broad consortium of policymakers, foundations, community organizations, and leaders working together to support a wide range of planning and implementation activities. 

More about the Partnership for Regional Opportunity.