2018 Transportation Policy Plan Documents

Working Drafts

The Transportation Policy Plan working documents are subject to change without notice.  Chapter authors willl continue to edit the working documents until an official public draft document is published.   

The linked documents below were presented to the Technical Advisory Committee for Planning (TAC Planning).  Two versions of the working draft chapters are linked.  The MarkUp chapter contains both the orginal content of the chapter along with any new content.  All changes are highlighted in a different color and deleted content is in a strike-out font (but still legible).  The purpose of this document is to show the differences between the current chapter in the 2040 Transportation Policy Plan and the status of changes in the 2018 TPP updated working draft.  The clean version does color code changes nor does it contain the deleted content from the original chapter.  The purpose of this version is to provide a document that is easier to read and understand. 

The working documents will be posted here once they are presented to the TAC Planning Meeting.  The working documents will be periodically updated to reflect the most current version.  The date listed after the chapter links reflect the date when the working documents were loaded. 

2018 Transportation Policy Plan Update Working Draft Chapters