2018 Plan Update:

Update to the 2040 Transportation Policy Plan

The Transportation Policy Plan (TPP) update process is a collaborative effort between the Metropolitan Council and local governmental agencies.  In addition to public outreach, one important source of local input comes through the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) and the technical committees which report back to the TAB.  The TAC Planning Committee serves as the primary technical stakeholder group during the preparation of  the TPP and reports back to the TAB.  

Below is the proposed draft 2018 update – the Council will act to formally release this draft for public comment at the Transportation Committee June 11 and the full Council on June 27.

For a broad summary of all the key policy issues and questions in the plan – geared to provide a higher level understanding of the plan and key finance and policy information – read the Overview. 

The chapters contain detailed information for local governments and groups who will need additional detail about the plans strategies. The appendices provide additional information related to federal compliance and technical detail.


Upcoming Milestones

  • June 28-Aug. 13 – Council receives public comment on draft plan update
  • Aug. 1 – public hearing
  • September – Information item on public comment and changes
  • October – Final adoption of 2018 plan update
The Metropolitan Council is updating the 2040 Transportation Policy Plan to include
  • Updating trends in regional travel, including the emergence of automated and connected vehicles, and developments in shared mobility elements (rideshare, car sharing, bike sharing, etc.) since the last plan
  • Updating fiscal projections for highway and transit system investment
  • Performance measures that will guide investment
  • Findings and guidance of several transportation-related studies, including region-specific elements of MnDOT’s statewide highway investment plan, evaluations of congestion management strategies, specifics related to the bicycle system and existing barriers, and regional highway studies related to freight and intersections
  • Projects and needs related to rebuilding urban highway corridors, such as Interstate 94 through the core of Minneapolis and St. Paul

More information


Get involved

See the 2018 TPP Update Outreach Plan (pdf).

For more information, contact the team at TPPUpdate@metc.state.mn.us