Regional Bicycle System Inventory FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about regional bikeways

What is the Regional Bicycle System Inventory (RBSI)?
This dataset is a compilation of bicycle planning documents in the metropolitan area. The seven metropolitan counties identified bicycle system facilities using county and local resources. The Metropolitan Council aggregated the county data. The RBSI uses three fields to summarize regional characteristics:

  • RegStat - Regional Status (Existing, Planned)

  • RegType - Facility Type

  • RegAuth - Data Author

What is the difference between planned and existing bicycle facilities?
Existing bicycle facilities are those facilities available for use when this data was collected. Planned bicycle facilities are those facilities that have been identified in a local comprehensive plan, capital improvement program, or other agency planning document to be constructed or striped in the future.


What is the spatial accuracy of the data?
The positional accuracy of the data set has not been tested under the National Standards for Spatial Data Accuracy. Trails were placed according to source information, which varied in accuracy.

Location accuracy for most of the bicycle facilities depends on the location accuracy used by the originating agency. The spatial accuracy has been further altered as the data has been projected into a regional coordinate system. While this data is accurate for planning purposes great care should be taken when using the data for projects that require higher levels of accuracy.  


Why does the data extend beyond the Metropolitan Council’s legal jurisdiction?
This dataset includes areas that extend beyond the 7 county Metropolitan County jurisdiction to accommodate the changes to the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA) definition mandated by the federal law. In addition, some is the result of a multi-agency effort that is being led by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. While the Metropolitan Council is a lead partner in this effort, the full dataset extends beyond the 7-county Metropolitan Council jurisdiction.


What do I do if I find an error?
Please contact the local unit of government (city or township) or your local city public works or planning department, or parks department.


What do I do if there are no bikeways in my community?
Please contact your local unit of government (city or township), or your local city public works, planning, or parks department.


Where can I get the digital data?
This digital dataset will soon be available for download on the Minnesota Geospatial Commons website.


How can I get a better map or improve the data for my community?
Since the data is aggregated from local government datasets, the data needs to be created at the local level. Please contact the local unit of government (city or township) or your local city public works or planning department, or parks department.


Can I get a printed version of this map?
Printed versions of this map are available from the Metropolitan Council’s Public Information for a fee of $10 per map. Email requests to or call 651-602-1140.


My computer freezes up each time I attempt to view the map. Is there another way to view the data?
The problem is probably related to your internet connection. The bikeways map PDFs are very large files. Users on slower connections may experience “timeout” problems with these files. We are working on the development of an interactive tool for this information to alleviate this problem. Unfortunately, this tool is not yet available.