Functional Roadway Classification Resources

Current classifications, maps, data & change requests

Status and Change Requests

Current functional classifications, maps and data

GIS files

Digital GIS files are available from the Minnesota Geospatial Commons. Direct links for:  Functional Class Roads and Planned Functional Class Roads.

Changing a Functional Classification

For a detailed explanation of the functional classification change form process, see:


  • Metropolitan Council (Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) - as MPO for the Twin Cities metropolitan area, the Council must approve all changes to the Principal Arterial System and has delegated responsibility for maintenance of the Minor Arterial and Collector classifications to the TAB.

  • Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) is responsible for managing the Functional Roadway Classification processes in the Twin Cities.  TAB works with the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to ensure that the changes to the system are consistent with the guidance provided in the Transportation Policy Plan, by MnDOT and by FHWA.