Regional Solicitation


The Regional Solicitation is a funding resource for local projects with federal transportation funds.  The solicitation is run traditionally on a biennial basis with the criteria and process updated by the TAB to accommodate regional needs. This page contains the background information on the evolution of the solicitation process of the last few solicitations.

Funding Ranges for Solicitation Categories:

Roadways: 48%-68% or $86M - $122M 
Transit & TDM: 22%-32% or $40M - $58M
Bicycle & Pedestrian: 10%-20% or $18M - $36M

Funding opportunities: 10 application categories

The majority of the federal funds to be awarded through the Regional Solicitation were for projects in 2020 and 2021, however project applicants were also asked to indicate if the project could be programmed in 2018 or 2019.  Projects were selected from the following 10 application categories:
  • Roadway Expansion
  • Roadway Reconstruction/Modernization
  • Roadway System Management
  • Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement
  • Multiuse Trails and Bicycle Facilities
  • Pedestrian Facilities
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Transit Expansion
  • Travel Demand Management (2018 and 2019 funds)
  • Transit System Modernization  
Chart of the Regional Solicitation Modal and Application Categories  (1 page, 85KB PDF)