State Funding for Transportation

Minnesota's current system of transortation funding is based on the motor vehicle sales tax on the purchase of new vehicles.  This system is unstable and unreliable, as it depends on the fluctuation of the economy as a whole as well as individuals' decisions about when or whether purchase a new vehicle.  

This funding uncertainty delays transit construction, development and jobs creation.  Businesses wait to see where transitways will go before building and investing.

The Metropolitan Council is currently working with Governor Dayton, the Minnesota Department of Transportation and legislative leaders to develop a plan to address the region’s long-term transit funding challenges.

Program of Projects study

The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of accelerating development and construction of multiple transitways to serve the region.  It was a joint project of the Counties Transit Improvement Board (CTIB) and the Metropolitan Council's Transportation Committee

The study found that state and 7-county metro area residents and business want more transit, and understand the benefits of a reliable transportation system in supporting a healthy economy.  In addition, other regions know that transit matters, and are investing significantly more money in their transit systems, typically through sales taxes dedicated to transit funding.   

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Allocation of state funding