Regional Solicitation Grant Application

Step 1 -  Register to use the system

All applicants and their collaborators must register prior to accessing the new online application.    Once you register, staff will review and prepare your account within 2 business days.  Please note that consultants who work on behalf of an applicant must register to get their accounts set up and then be approved by the applicant.

Step 2 - Generate maps

A set of maps must be generated for each project application PRIOR to applying. Complete this step before beginning the application process (Step 3).  Applicants will need to attach the maps they create to the application.


Step 3 - Log in to the online application

The online application process was designed to streamline and simply the task.  The Regional Solicitation Grants management site gives applicants significantly more feedback on the status of grants as they are completed.  Please note that there are two significant deadlines.  

Currently No Grant Opportunities are open.

Sample applications (MS Word)

Blank sample applications are available in MS Word to assist users in preparing their application PRIOR to accessing the online system. These files are provided as reference ONLY!  All applications must be submitted using the online application software.  Each consists of the basic information and a set of specific details.  Applicants should download the "Basic Info" MS Word file as well as all MS Word files for the grants they may be considering.  

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