What's In the Plans

Blue Line Extension Municipal Consent Process

The information on this page is also available as a printable PDF document: Blue Line Extension Municipal Consent Guide

The design plans are divided into segments by city. There is a plan set for each city along the proposed LRT route (see route map). The first few pages of each plan include a guide that shows the entire corridor, the segment’s position on the corridor and a key to the symbols and abbreviations used in the plan. 

The plans for each segment are separated into disciplines, including: tracks, station locations, roads and turn lanes, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, crosswalks, traffic signals, parking facilities, bus stops and trails. Existing conditions are also shown.  

Within each discipline, sequences of detailed drawings show the placement and design of light rail facilities. Each drawing in a sequence is numbered.

Step 1: Find the segment that interests you

A detailed map is provided at the beginning of each plan. 

City Area Description Stations in Segment
Minneapolis On Olson Memorial Highway east of 7th Street
to Theodore Wirth Park
Van White Boulevard
Penn Avenue
In freight rail corridor from Olson Memorial Highway
to North of Golden Valley Road
Plymouth Avenue
Golden Valley Road 
Robbinsdale In freight rail corridor from North of Golden Valley Road
to 46th Ave N
Robbinsdale R
Crystal In freight rail corridor from 46th Ave N to 62nd Ave Bass Lake Road C
In freight rail corridor from 62nd Ave to 73rd Ave;
in West Broadway Ave from 73rd Ave to
Rush Creek Regional Trail
63rd Avenue
Brooklyn Boulevard
85th Avenue, 93rd Avenue
Oak Grove Parkway


Step 2: Determine which DISCIPLINE includes the information you want, and the TYPE of plan that you will review

Components Plan Type
Legend & Abbreviations N/A GEN NTS
Sheet layout index Existing Conditions Plan: Overhead View
Track Plan: Overhead View
Roadway Plan: Overhead View
Existing Roadway Conditions Existing Conditions Plan: Overhead View EXCON PLN
Track Plan & Profile: Overhead View TRK PPFL
Roads and turn lanes
Sidewalks and crosswalks
Curbs and gutters
Bus stops
On-street parking
Traffic signals
Roadway Plan: Overhead View CIV PPFL
Sidewalk and trail width
Track location
Typical Section: Cross-cut View TRK


Step 3: Use the INDEX to find the Sheet Number of the page that covers the location you want to review

An Index is included at the beginning of each Discipline.

Step 4: Find the code for the PAGE that contains the information you want

Use the Discipline Code and Type Code (from Step 2) and the Sheet Number (from Step 3) to determine the Page. 


For example, to see information about the proposed Van White Boulevard Station, you would want to find the following page: 

  • Segment (Step 1): M 
  • Discipline (Step 2):  TRK 
  • Type (Step 2): PPFL 
  • Sheet Number (Step 3): 006

The information you want to review is found on the page marked:


This code is located in the lower right corner of the page. 

Municipal consent plan page number

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