Tracking the Blue Line Extension Issue 2, May 2015

Date: Thursday, May 28, 2015
Tracking the Blue Line Extension Issue 2, May 2015 is now available.

Download Tracking the Blue Line Extension Issue 2 [PDF]

In this issue:

A new, narrower plan proposed for West Broadway’s reconstruction with LRT

Changes made in the last year to the design of the West Broadway Avenue reconstruction project including LRT in Brooklyn Park narrow the overall width significantly, lessening the impact on adjacent properties.

Work underway to minimize number, size of property acquisitions along West Broadway

Along West Broadway Avenue in Brooklyn Park, partners in the Blue Line Extension Project are working to minimize the number and size of needed property acquisitions.

Keep Plymouth Avenue, Golden Valley Road LRT stations in the mix for now, panel says

As the Metropolitan Council considers including one or two LRT stations in Golden Valley in the METRO Blue Line Extension plans, project staff are weighing engineering issues, cost and community benefits.

Meet the Blue Line Extension Community Outreach Coordinators

Outreach coordinators are the public’s first point of contact about anything project related, answering questions and concerns.

Learn about LRT plans at public open houses

The public are invited to attend an open house in their area to learn about the METRO Blue Line Extension light rail project, hear about land use planning activities and provide feedback.

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