Tracking the Blue Line Extension, Issue 10 (December 2017)

Date: Monday, December 4, 2017

Issue 10 of Tracking the Blue Line Extension [PDF] is now available.

In this Issue:


Blue Line Extension staff finalizing project design

Designs for landscaping, sidewalks and crosswalks and added screening are among details emerging as staff fine tune plans for the Blue Line Extension LRT Project.

Bassett Creek storm tunnel replacement on schedule

Photos of the installation of a new stormwater tunnel under Olson Memorial Highway in Minneapolis.

Immigrant-owned local business sees Blue Line Extension work as steppingstone to bigger opportunity

Germantown, Wis., is about as far from Nepal as you can get. But for Gopal Adhikary, a native of Nepal, the city is home base for his growing business, Himalayan Consultants.

Features at LRT stations will promote safety, accessibility

The stations for both LRT extension projects will include features to promote safety and accessibility for all.

Feedback results in modifications to accessibility features

The interiors of the new LRT trains to be built for Southwest LRT, as well as the Blue Line Extension, will be modified, thanks to community feedback.

Blue Line Extension employee receives award for volunteering

Equal opportunity consultant Jon Vang, who works with the Blue Line Extension LRT Project, said he was "blown away" when he received a call recently from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.

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