Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have any of the materials (plants, trees, fencing, etc.) within construction sites and work zones?
No. Many of the natural materials within construction sites will be used for on-site erosion control.  Other materials may be contaminated and require the contractor to dispose per environmental regulations.

If I see an animal that needs assistance, what should I do?
As construction begins, some wildlife may be displaced. Should you come across animals that need assistance outside of construction areas and work zones, contact your city’s animal control office or one of the following resources:

Will there be freight train horns being sounded during construction?
Yes. With portions of the SWLRT construction corridor located immediately adjacent to active freight rail lines, freight trains will follow their standard operating rules when approaching a construction area. Freight trains are required to sound their horn as the train approaches a construction area that is occupied by workers or equipment adjacent to the freight line, until the front of the train has passed the construction area. This will mean additional train horn soundings during construction.

Safety is our top priority during construction. Please observe signage around construction areas and note conditions may change: Stay alert. Stay safe.