Project Partners Focus Talks on Making Town Center Station in Eden Prairie Westernmost SWLRT Station

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The two options receiving the most attention would make Town Center in Eden Prairie the westernmost station, eliminating stops at Mitchell Road and Southwest Station. Choosing either one of the two alternative Town Center stops as the terminus would achieve budget savings of between $365 million and $442 million, according to project staff. At the same time, ending the line at Town Center would keep ridership high enough to secure 50 percent federal funding.
The Corridor Management Committee, which is made up of project partners and representatives of the counties and cities along the Southwest LRT METRO Green Line extension, is doing the cost-cutting work.  Since the committee is made up of the parties most impacted by the line, its job is to identify enough cuts to bring the project in line with its $1.653 billion budget. As the line is currently proposed, it would run $341 million over that budget at $1.994 billion due to delays and the need to remediate poor soils along the line.
“If we are going to cut 20 percent out of the project, those cuts have to come from the communities themselves,” Council Chair Adam Duininck said.

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