Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

A Voice for Communities along the Southwest LRT Route

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) served as a voice for the community and advised the Corridor Management Committee from 2012–2017, during the design and engineering phases of the light rail line.

The members of the Community Advisory Committee represented the diverse interests and stakeholders along the Southwest LRT line, and included people from neighborhood groups, special interest groups, advocacy groups, educational institutions and ethnic communities.


Meeting Date Agenda & Video Minutes Presentations
2/28/2017 Agenda Minutes
1/24/2017 Agenda Minutes
10/25/2016 Agenda Minutes
9/27/2016 Agenda Minutes
5/24/2016 Agenda Minutes
4/26/2016 Agenda Minutes
1/26/2016 Agenda Minutes
10/27/2015 Agenda Minutes
8/25/2015 Agenda Minutes
6/30/2015 Agenda Minutes