Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your Metro Mobility questions

How do you serve seniors and others who do not qualify for Metro Mobility?

The Council provides both regular route transit service and Transit Link general public dial-a-ride services for anyone who does not qualify for Metro Mobility.

Is Metro Mobility on social media?

Metro Mobility does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. However, the Metropolitan Council does. Follow us at or In addition, customers can sign up for our E-newsletter for the latest Metro Mobility news and information.

How will it work with county subsidy and Go-To?

Many of the county social service programs already work with Metro Transit to provide Go-To cards for customers who use Metro Transit. They will follow the same process for Metro Mobility. Social workers who have specific questions should contact any of the Metro Transit stores for additional information.

Can I bring my pocket pet on the bus? It is not a companion or service animal.

Non-service animals may ride on Metro Mobility as long as they are in a pet carrier.

Why are passengers with different pickup times grouped on the same bus together coming from the same location?

Once Metro Mobility agrees to a negotiated time with a customer, Metro Mobility must honor that time. If three different customers call in at three different times it is possible that each of them might get a different scheduled pickup time based on the availability of vehicles and trips at that time. As people call and cancel, trips may be moved onto one route especially if they are all going the same direction.

Can I get a text/phone call before the bus arrives?

For all “Demand” (non-standing order) rides, customers can receive a call or email 10 minutes before the bus arrives. Contact Metro Mobility Customer Service at 651.602.1111 or and request call notification. 

Is there a way for drivers to see notes or updates on individual riders? It appears that drivers are unable to access that information until they tell the computer they have arrived only to find they have arrived at the wrong place?

Yes, drivers have access to see the comments and remarks by looking at additional detail in their computer. However, it is true the drivers are not able to see comment information while they are moving. For safety reason drivers are not able to read the comments while the vehicle is in motion. To see additional detail, drivers need to pull over and stop the bus to read all comments. 

Standing orders and Go-To cards