Metro Mobility Go-To Card

Using Your Go-To Card on Metro Mobility

¬ĀRegister your card
Register your card at the Metro Transit website. It’s FREE. You’ll protect your card’s value against loss or theft.  However, you do not need to register your Go-To Card to use it on Metro Mobility.

Money stored on an unregistered is not refundable if the card is lost. 
A card replacement fee of $5 may be assessed for lost cards.

Pay your fare

To pay your fare when you ride the bus, simply touch your card to the Go-To circle on the reader mounted to the handrail pole.

Go-To Card Reader

Go To Card ReaderAfter you touch your card to the Go-To circle, the reader will beep, the screen will display “Go” or “Transfer” and the light will turn green. A yellow light indicates the card’s value is low and you should consider adding value to your card.

A red light with a “Payment Needed” screen means your card does not have enough funds or has been deactivated. In this instance, pay the fare in cash.

If you are transferring to regular-route service, please locate the Go-To Card reader on the regular-route bus or on the rail platforms and tag your card. A transfer will be embedded on your Go-To Card.

NOTE: ONLY Stored Value Go-To cards can be used on Metro Mobility.  Go-To Lite, 10 Day and 31 Day passes are currently NOT accepted on Metro Mobility vehicles as valid payment.  

 Go-To Cards & Passes

Check balance/transaction history for Go-To Cards and passes and add value.

Enter Serial Number

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Check your card's balance

ONLINE at the box on the right, “Go-To Cards & Passes.” You can check your transaction history there, too.

PHONE 651.602.1111 (TTY 651.221.9886).

ON A METRO MOBILITY VEHICLE, BUS OR RAIL TICKET MACHINE the card reader displays the balance each time you touch your card and pay your fare.

Add stored value to your card

Online with a credit at the box on the right, “Go-To Cards & Passes.” (It may take up to 24 hours for value to be available to your card.)

At more than 125 RETAIL LOCATIONS including Metro Transit stores in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul and metro-area Cub Foods stores with cash or credit card. See the list of locations or call 651.602.1111.

At a RAIL TICKET MACHINE with cash or credit card.

Get auto refill 

Never worry about having enough fare on your card again. 
Sign up for auto refill.

Frequently asked questions

My card is lost or stolen. What do I do?

Call 651.602.1111 (TTY 651.221.9886) to deactivate your card and request a replacement. If you received your card from an organization, notify your organization’s program administrator.

My card doesn’t work. What do I do?

Pay your fare in cash and call 651.602.1111 (TTY 651.221.9886).

Do I need to ask for a transfer if I plan on riding on regular-route service such as light rail?

You do NOT need to ask for a transfer when switching to a different route. Transfers are automatically embedded in your card for the value of your original ride. If you transfer to a route with a higher fare (i.e. Northstar), your card will cover the difference in fare as long as you have stored value.

If I don’t use the card for a while, will it still work?

Your card will stop working after two years without use. To replace your card, contact Metro Mobility Service Center at 651.602.1111 (TTY 651.221.9886).

Does my card have an expiration date?

Your card automatically expires at the same time your Metro Mobility certification period ends.

How do I take care of my card?

Cards are sturdy but sensitive. Keep your card in a protective wallet and DO NOT scratch, bend or punch a hole in your card. Protective pockets and lanyards are available by calling 651.602.1111 (TTY 651.221.9886).

How will my Go-To Card work with my county subsidy?

Many of the county social service programs already work with Metro Transit to provide Go-To cards for customers who use Metro Transit.  They will follow the same process for Metro Mobility.  Social workers who have specific questions should contact any of the Metro Transit Stores for additional information.

Can I pay more than one Metro Mobility fare at a time with my Go-To Card?

Cards can only be used once at each boarding.  This means customers cannot use their cards to pay for both themselves and their guests.  Guests need to pay with their own Go-To Cards or cash.

How will Go-To cards be credited if the driver is outside the half-hour window or you are on the bus for more than two hours?

Customers should contact the Metro Mobility Service Center at 651.602.1111 or any time they believe there is a discrepancy in what they were charged for their ride.  Metro Mobility customer Service Staff will be able to review and adjust the charges. 

Can my Metro Mobility ID function as a Go-To Card?

Yes.  The Metro Mobility Service Center can send you a Metro Mobility ID equipped with Go-To functionality.  However, if you would rather use a separate Go-To Card you are free to do so.

Contact us 

Metro Mobility Service Center
390 Robert Street North, St. Paul, MN 55101
TTY 651.221.9886