Metro Mobility Standby Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my ride placed on standby?

Ride requests that have a starting and/or ending destination that is greater than ¾ of a mile away from a local fixed bus route such as Metro Transit will be placed on standby.  Metro Mobility is required by federal law to ensure that all ride requests that are within this ¾ mile area are placed at the time of the reservation. Rides outside of this area will be placed on standby.  Customers placed on standby will be notified of their ride status the day before the ride is to take place.  In nearly all cases, riders who are placed on standby will receive their ride request.

What does the “Federally Mandated Area” mean?

This is the portion of the Metro Mobility Service area that is within ¾ of a mile of the Metro Transit and other regionally provided local fixed routes operated on Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays (excludes peak express fixed routes).  This is what the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) calls the “ADA Service Area” or “Americans with Disabilities Act Service Area" and is a FTA requirement. 

Because fixed route bus service levels are different on weekdays vs. Saturdays and Sundays, the ADA service area will be different on these days as well.  According to the FTA, all customers who request rides that both begin and end in this area must be provided a negotiated ride time at the time the ride request is made.  

This is NOT a new requirement for Metro Mobility. Metro Mobility in the past has not drawn a distinction between the ADA and non-ADA service areas and viewed all ride requests the same including placing rides on standby.  Upon further clarification from the FTA, Metro Mobility cannot place any ADA rides on Standby or a “waiting list”. 

Does this mean that a ride in the ADA area will receive the exact ride time that has been requested?

No.  Reservationists will continue to search for a vehicle that is in a customer’s area and will negotiate a time with the customer that could be up to one hour before or after the customer’s requested time.  This flexibility helps Metro Mobility deliver all of the rides requested each day.  Customers should be sure to tell the reservationist if they have an appointment time.

Why does Metro Mobility provide service beyond the ADA Service Area?

Metro Mobility has a long history of providing ADA Public Transit service beyond the federally defined ADA service area dating back to the mid 1980’s. In March of 2006, the State of Minnesota defined the Metro Mobility service area in Minnesota State Statute.  Each community that must be served is listed under Service Hours by Community.  You can also contact the Metro Mobility Service Center and request a copy of the Service Hours by Community. 

How will I know if my trip origin and destination is in the ADA service area? 

Your reservationists can provide you with that information at the time you make your ride request.  The Metro Mobility Service Center can also provide you with this information. Metro Mobility's maps of the Metro Mobility Service Area includes the ADA Service Area, and service by weekday, Saturday and Sunday. 

If you would like a copy of the maps sent to you, please contact the Metro Mobility Service Center at 651.602.1111.

ADA Paratransit Regulations

For more information regarding the ADA paratransit regulations, see Service Criteria for Complementary Paratransit.


If you have other questions regarding Metro Mobility, please contact the Metro Mobility Service Center at 651.602.1111 or TTY: 651.221.9886.  You can also send your questions via e-mail to: