New Transit Link Website

Transit Link Logo

Based on usability and accessibility testing, we’ve made major changes to the look and organization of the Transit Link website.

Among the changes, you’ll find:
  • More and better-organized content
  • Simplified navigation tools 
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Convenient links to contact information, forms and Metro Transit's trip planner at the bottom of every page.


The website is organized into five major areas which correspond to the navigation tabs that you’ll see at the top of every page:

Transit Link (Home) 

Provides an overview of the service, with links to key information and the feedback report form, and customer service contact information.

Service Details

Information about Transit Link hours, seasonal service, and holidays; pickup time and rules; and various details about riding, transfers, and passengers.

Service Areas and Hours

The five services areas that cover the 7-county metro area, plus maps and standard operating hours.

Scheduling Trips

Information includes scheduling and cancelling trips; same day trips, changes or cancellations; standby trips and standing orders; no-shows and suspensions; and the language line.

Paying for Trips

Peak and non-peak fares, how to pay for trips, and frequently asked questions about using Go-To cards

Questions or comments about the new website?

Please contact us at 651-602-5465 or by email at