What is SAC?

SAC is an easier way to say Sewer Availability Charge.

The Metropolitan Council charges this one-time fee when a residence or business connects to the regional wastewater (sewer) system for the first time. The Council may also charge SAC when a business grows or changes the use of its space, which may create more potential demand on the system.

TExtra capacity graphic.he Council charges SAC to local governments, who pass it on to business or property owners.  Some local governments also charge an additional fee.

You will pay any SAC owed to your local government

Why do I have to pay SAC?

Wastewater pipes and treatment plants are expensive. We borrow money to build them large enough to serve current and future customers. SAC helps pay off the debt.

How does the Council determine how much SAC I will pay?

SAC is charged in units.
One single-family home = 1 SAC unit = $2,485 (2020)What is SAC brochure cover; download 2 page PDF
  • Non-residential properties require a “determination” (calculation) of the amount of maximum potential wastewater capacity needed for the site. Depending on your business, you could pay more than 1 SAC unit. For example, a restaurant will pay 1 SAC unit for every 300 gross square feet.
  • SAC is determined based on the maximum potential wastewater flow created by the activities at the location (food preparation, dishwashing, floor cleaning, manufacturing, restroom use, etc.)
  • Let’s say you buy or open a business that is similar in kind and size to what existed in the same space before. If SAC was paid, you may not be charged additional SAC. Before signing a lease, contact the Council to see if there are SAC credits on the site and how to submit for a determination.

Visit metrocouncil.org/SACmanual for guidance on how much SAC you might pay.

How do I submit for a SAC determination?

Step 1: Go to local government for permit/license.
Step 2: Visit Metrocouncil.org/SACforms to get SAC application and other forms.
Step 3: Complete application materials and submit to SACprogram@metc.state.mn.us.

Step 4: Metropolitan Council or local government calculates the amount of SAC owed.  
Step 5: Pay any SAC owed to local government.
Step 6: Local government will then issue permit/license, report SAC determination and pay SAC to Metropolitan Council.

Metropolitan Council staff will contact you within one business day after receiving your application materials to confirm whether the materials are complete or not. The Council can usually complete a determination in two to three weeks once it receives all the necessary forms and documents. You pay any SAC owed to your local government, usually as part of a permit or business license.

Are payment options available?

If you cannot afford to pay your SAC fee to your local government:
  • You may be able to get a small business loan to spread out the cost of SAC and other local government fees. Check with your local bank or lending agent.
  • Your local government may also be able to delay a portion of your SAC fee. Ask your local government if they participate in the SAC Deferral Program.


Email SACprogram@metc.state.mn.us or call 651-602-1770 for our frequently asked questions. At the end of the message you will also have the option to press 0 to leave a voicemail for a SAC representative.