Two workers standing on a platform inside the clarifier at the Metro Plant in Saint Paul.We keep our rates low. Wastewater fees average $29 a month per household — about 35% less than other large U.S. wastewater utilities, according to the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.

Our three largest sources of revenue:

  • Municipal Wastewater Charge (MWC)
    We charge our customer communities for sewer service; they pay based on volume of wastewater treated.
  • Sewer Availability Charge (SAC)
    We charge our customer communities when properties first connect to the system, and when properties expand or change (causing more demand on the system).
  • Industrial Waste Charges (IWC)
    We have 931 industries with permits to discharge wastewater that needs additional treatment steps. Additional fees depend on types of services provided.

2021 revenue: $322.5 million

$240.3 million: Municipal wastewater charges (MWC)
$57.8 million: Transfer from (SAC)  
$16.1 million: Industrial waste charges (IWC)
$6.4 million: Other misc. revenue
$1.9 million: State appropriations (SA)

2021 revenue pie chart. Data is in text.

2021 expenses: $319.5 million

$157.0 million: Debt service
$72.6 million: Operating salary and fringe 
$62.1 million: Other operating costs  
$16.8 million: Interdivisional charges  
$11.0 million: PAYGO (used for capital expenditures)
2021 expenses pie chart. Data is in text.