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Water Conservation Toolbox

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Metropolitan Council staff have compiled current and relevant water conservation information from public agencies, non-profit organizations, and professional organizations.  Select a topic of interest below, for an  expanded list of sub-topics that focus on your specific interest or question.

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General Knowledge

Water is Limited (even in Minnesota)
Surface-Groundwater Connections
MN Water Resources
Twin Cities Water Supply
Water/Energy Nexus

Indoor Water Consumption and Conservation

Indoor Consumption
Indoor Conservation
Commercial and Industrial Water Conservation
Conservation in Construction / Rehab / Retrofit Projects

Outdoor Water Consumption and Conservation

Outdoor Consumption
Lawn and Garden Water Conservation
Other Outdoor Water Conservation

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    Fact sheets, case studies and other printable information.

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    Terms, definitions, and acronyms for learners and experts.

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    Estimate changes to billing and revenue when considering changes to water and wastewater rates and structures.

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    Find your Twin Cities water supplier and links to access local information.