Regional Groundwater Modeling

Metro Pumping Optimization


  • $20,000 estimated total


  • Estimated completion in winter 2014/2015
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As the Metropolitan Council updates the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area Master Water Supply Plan, stakeholders asked the Council to consider the sustainable limits of the region’s water sources. The Council’s most important analytical tool is a regional groundwater flow model (Metro Model), which can be used to quantify the long-term regional impacts caused by hundreds of independent groundwater appropriations. Similar to what has been done in other parts of the United States, the regional groundwater model can also be optimized to maximize groundwater withdrawals without violating user-defined sustainable water resource constraints. This project evaluates This project evaluates the feasibility of optimizing Metro Model 3.


  • Optimized MODFLOW model files
  • Technical memo


  • The capability and limitations of using Metro Model for optimization modeling will be determined.