Why and how to conserve water

The Twin Cities is growing and the demand for water continues to increase.  There is enough water in the short-term, but long-term projections predict potentially significant impacts to aquifers if water continues to be consumed at current rates.

There is hope. Residents, businesses, water suppliers, and elected officials can all learn to use water more efficiently to ensure we have enough water in the future. Learn more about water issues in the news, the sources of water in each community, ideas for water conservation, and more.

Learn why water conservation is so important by selecting the infographics below, then get started with the WATER CONSERVATION TOOLBOX. 

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Water Supply and Conservation Talk in the News

Is California a “State in Denial” Concerning its Drought?

Reservoir levels don’t tell the entire story Link to story
Source: Weather Underground

Richfield Adopts New Lawn Irrigation Restrictions

Time of day and moisture sensor requirements are new Link to story
Source: StarTribune

California Prepares for Unending Drought

Permanent bans on some types of water use are being implemented Link to story
Source: New York Times