Chanhassen/Minnetonka Sewer Improvements

MCES Project No. 802885

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Project Update: November 13, 2017.  See Project Updates below.

Project Description

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) completed sewer construction work for the Chanhassen/Minnetonka Area Sewer Improvement Project in November 2017. The project made improvements to aging and deteriorating regional sanitary sewer facilities that serve area homes and businesses. Construction focused on re-lining the sewer pipes, rehabilitating maintenance holes, and required the use of temporary pipes and pumps to transfer wastewater during construction.

You may continue to see project team members on-site in spring 2018 as they finish restoration efforts as needed.

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Project Details

The Chanhassen/Minnetonka Sewer Improvement Project included three work sites:

  • Chanhassen: Near Highway 5 and Audubon Rd. Work at this site took place in the summer and fall of 2017 - Map of Chanhassen Site 
  • Minnetonka: View the Minnetonka project handout.  Work at this site took place in the spring and summer of 2017. - Map of Minnetonka Site
    • Groveland School Rd. between Bay Ln. and Sanctuary Dr.
    • Woodlawn Ave. just north of Minnetonka Blvd. and the Groveland Elementary School, routing through Gro Tonka Park

Project Updates

Project Update - November 13, 2017 55 kB

Project Update - October 17, 2017 254 kB

Project Update - September 27, 2017 501 kB

Project Update - August 25, 2017 261 kB

Project Update - June 27, 2017 310 kB

Contact Information

If you have questions about this project, please contact Tim O’Donnell, MCES Project Citizen Liaison at or call 651-602-1269.