Coon Rapids L34 Improvements

MCES Project No. 805560

Understandably, the spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has raised questions about the status of Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) plant and interceptor construction projects. Please note the following:

  • Construction on wastewater treatment plants and sewer interceptors will continue. The contractors are following working environment protocols (asking employees to stay home if they are sick, social distancing, etc.) as outlined by public health agencies.

  • Some project staff are working remotely while others remain on-site to ensure proper oversight of the project. Staff will stay connected through emails, conference calls, and web-based meetings to manage construction activities.

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Project Update - October 7, 2021 (PDF).  See previous Project Updates below.

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Project Description

Originally constructed in 1963, the Coon Rapids Lift Station (L34) was recently renovated so the facility can operate effectively while future capacity improvements are planned for construction in 15 to 20 years. This project replaced and renovated all piping and equipment, including pumps and motors, odor management equipment, and other equipment to improve operational efficiencies.  Site preparation activities began in 2019 and construction was completed in fall of 2021.

Color photo of lift station, a single-story bring building

L34 is located at 1055 Coon Rapids Boulevard Extension in Coon Rapids. It adjoins the south side of Al Flynn Park on the corner of Coon Rapids Boulevard Northwest and Coon Rapids Boulevard Extension.

Coon Rapids L34 Improvements Project Map (PDF)

Project map of lift station 34 area at the southeast edge of Al Flynn Park.  Map shows lift station piping and equipment that will be new or replaced.  All of the elements marked new or for replacement are located in or adjacent the lift station structure itself.


What can I flush down my toilet?

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Toilet paper is designed to dissolve in wastewater.  Do not flush items like tissues, paper towels, napkins, and so-called “flushable” wipes. These items do not readily dissolve in wastewater and can clog pipes – starting with the smaller pipes under your home or business. Clogged pipes can cause messy and expensive sewer backups into homes and businesses, and also can result in expensive repairs to local and regional sanitary sewer systems.

We have a webpage called “What Not To Flush” that provides guidance for residents, businesses, cities and educators, and notes other items are best thrown in the trash – not in your toilet.

Infographic showing what not to flush down the toilet, including paper towels, tissues and napkins, and wipes (even the ones labeled as flushable).  These items do not break down in water and can clog sewer lines, resulting in sewage back-ups and expensive repairs.

How it Works Video: Lift Stations

Project Updates

Project Update - October 7, 2021 (PDF) 489 kB

Project Update - September 1, 2021 (PDF) 399 kB

Project Update - August 2, 2021 (PDF) 482 kB

Project Update - June 29, 2021 (PDF) 484 kB

Project Update - May 28, 2021 (PDF) 363 kB

Project Contacts

For information, please contact:

Tim O'Donnell, Project Citizen Liaison
Phone: 651.602.1269

Dan Chouinard, Project Manager
Phone: 651.602.4564


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    Tim O'Donnell, MCES Citizen Liaison: 651.602.1269