East & West River Parkway Area Regional Sewer Improvements

MCES Project No. 807626

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Project Update - September 15, 2017.  See Project Updates below.

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Project Description

East & West River Parkway Regional Sewer Improvements - Project 807626: MCES is constructing a new odor control building, removing the current odor control biofilter, and rehabilitating two wastewater flow regulator structures between West River Parkway and the Mississippi River north of Lake St. MCES is also rehabilitating a wastewater flow regulator structure between East River Terrace and East River Parkway, west of Emerald St. Please see the attached map for more information about the location of facilities.

East & West River Parkway Area Regional Sewer Improvements Project Map


Project Updates

Construction Update - September 15, 2017 116 kB

Construction Update - July 28, 2017 116 kB

Construction Update - May 12, 2017 116 kB

Construction Update - April 4, 2017 115 kB

Construction Update - March 3, 2017 115 kB

For more information, please contact:

Tim O'Donnell, Project Citizen Liaison
651.602.1269 (Office)
952.451.4689 (Cell)

Rex Huttes, Principal Engineer
651.602.4522 (Office)

Jennifer Adams, Principal Contract Administrator

Joe Rossini, Contract Administrator