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Draft Facility Plan - January 26, 2016 See Project Updates below.

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Project Description

This project – currently in the facility planning stage – will renew facilities at the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant (Metro Plant). The Metro Plant treats wastewater for approximately 70 percent of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, and is located at 2400 Childs Road in Saint Paul. Major recommended capital improvements include:

  • Renewal of facilities that handle wastewater when it first enters the plant and at the primary stage of wastewater treatment.
  • Renewal of secondary wastewater treatment aeration and tank facilities.
  • Renewal of electrical distribution substations and motor control centers.
  • Replacement of seven building roofs that were installed in 1966 or earlier.
  • As a follow-up to a previous project, construction of the remaining portion of the second South St. Paul force main sanitary sewer within the treatment plant, providing redundancy for the original pipe constructed in 1971.

Project Updates

Draft Facility Plan - January 26, 2016 (PDF) 982 kB

Draft Facility Plan Executive Summary (Contact Tim O'Donnell, below, for complete copy) (PDF) 190 kB

Notice of January 26, 2016 Public Hearing - January 2016 (PDF) 191 kB

Project Contacts

For more information, please contact:

Tim O'Donnell, Project Citizen Liaison
651.602.1269 (Office)
952.451.4689 (Cell)

Rene Heflin, Engineering Services Manager
651.602.1077 (Office) 

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