Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Solids Renewal and Improvements

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Project Update - July 2023 (PDF).  See previous Project Updates below.

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Project Description

The primary driver of the project is to ensure reliability of existing solids processing facilities until the fourth incinerator is operational in 2027. The project scope items were selected to preserve existing wastewater treatment infrastructure and optimize and improve performance. 

The project is located at the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant (Metro Plant).  The Metro Plant treats 180 million gallons of wastewater and 850 wet tons of wastewater solids every day.

 Map showing location of Metro Plant at 2400 Childs Road in Saint Paul.
Figure 1: Map of Metro Plant location at 2400 Childs Road in Saint Paul

This project includes renewal and improvements of three sewage sludge incinerators and associated energy recovery and air pollution control equipment including miscellaneous equipment related to processing wastewater solids. More information about the project can be found on the project brochure located here:

Diagram showing solids processing at the Metro Plant.  Steps include thickening, sludge storage, dewatering, incineration energy recovery, air pollution control, and sludge loadout and landfill.
Figure 2: Diagram showing steps of solids processing at the Metro Plant

Project Schedule

The solids renewal & improvements project is part of a larger program to increase solids processing capacity at the Metro Plant. This first renewal and  improvements project will perform immediate work needed during shorter eight-week incinerator shutdowns.

The fourth incinerator will then be constructed from 2025 through 2027. The added capacity from the fourth incinerator will allow for more extensive renewal to occur on the existing incinerators from 2028 through 2031 as the existing incinerators will be 20 years old and will need to be taken out of service for six months to one year at a time.

Metro Solids Renewal project timeline.  2020 to 2025 is the renewal and improvements project at $20 million.  2025 to 2028 is the Fourth Incinerator project at $210 million.  2028 to 2031 is the renewal project at $30 million.
Figure 3: Timeline of major Metro Solids projects from 2020 to 2031


Project Updates

Project Update - July 2023 (PDF) 364 kB

Project Update - Solids Improvements - December 2022 (PDF) 651 kB

Project Update - Roof Improvements - September 2022 (PDF) 369 kB

Project Update - Solids Improvements - September 2022 (PDF) 411 kB

Project Update - Roof Improvements - June 2022 (PDF) 381 kB

Project Update - Solids Improvements - June 2022 (PDF) 381 kB

Project Staff


Project Manager: Stephen Norton, Principal Engineer, Plant Engineering
Council's Authorized Representative: Bob Gruenhagen, Principal Contract Administrator, Construction Services
Assistant Council's Authorized Representative: Pat Revoir, Contract Administrator, Construction Services

Project Contacts


For information, please contact our project team at:

Phone: 651-691-9124


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