Minnetrista Emergency Sewer Replacement Project

MCES Project No. 802823

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The sewer construction work on this project is complete. Construction site restoration also is complete, and is currently under warranty. MCES will monitor the restoration progress during the warranty period and make adjustments as needed. If you have further questions about this project, please contact us by email at SewerImprovements@metc.state.mn.us or call Tim O’Donnell, MCES Project Citizen Liaison, at 651-602-1269.

Project Description

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), operator of the metro-area wastewater collection and treatment system, replaced 1,500 feet of regional sanitary sewer pipe along Tuxedo Road, from the intersection of Lee Road and Enchanted Lane to about 350 feet northwest of the Phelps Bay boat landing, in the City of Minnetrista.

The original pipe was installed in the early 1970s and had reached the end of its service life. There was a corrosion-related break in the sewer in July 2015, as well as in August and October of 2017. MCES, in consultation with the City of Minnetrista, expedited replacement of the sewer in fall 2017. The majority of the pipe was replaced through directional drilling underground, with drilling pits installed at two drilling site locations. A portion of the pipe just north of the bridge was replaced using open-cut excavation (see map below).

Map of Phelps Bay area in Minnetrista showing location of pipe construction along Tuxedo Road.  New pipe was installed in 2006 at narrowest central point of isthmus.  Open cut pipe installation is a small section to the north of that.  These sections are bracketed to the north and south by directionally drilled pipe.  There are two directional drill pits alongside this, one each at the north and south ends.

Project Updates

Project Update - October 19, 2017 (PDF) 218 kB

Project Update - October 11, 2017 (PDF) 80 kB

City of Minnetrista - Tuxedo Road/Enchanted Lane Road Project Updates


City updates are available at cityofminnetrista.com/construction-updates.

Project Contacts

If you have any additional questions about this project, please contact:

Tim O'Donnell, Citizen Liaison
Metropolitan Council Environmental Services
Phone: 651-602-1269
Email: SewerImprovements@metc.state.mn.us