Riverview Sanitary Sewer Cleaning Project

MCES Project No. 808883

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Project Update: October 24, 2023 (PDF). See previous Project Updates below.

Project Description

In fall 2023, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) cleaned approximately one mile of regional sanitary sewers in Saint Paul.

The cleaning work included sewers paralleling Wabasha Street from the MCES sewer maintenance building just north of Cesar Chavez Street to Raspberry Island and continued under the Mississippi River to Kellogg Boulevard, as shown in the map below.

Map showing areas of sewer cleaning for Riverview Siphon project in Saint Paul.  Sewer vaults are shown from MCES siphon headhouse just north of Cesar Chavez Street to Raspberry Island and continue under the Mississippi River to Kellogg Boulevard.

MCES is committed to supporting clean water and a healthy environment, and maintaining regional sewers is an important part of doing so. This project was conducted to improve sewer capacity and prevent odors and corrosion.

During this work, crews cleaned sewers by entering access vault locations with specialized sewer jetting equipment. Following cleaning and removal of debris, the sewers were inspected to assess their condition.

Project activities included:

  • Removal of waste using jetting and tanker trucks
  • Cleaning and inspection of sewer conditions

Project Schedule

This project was completed in fall 2023.


Project Updates

Project Update - October 24, 2023 (PDF) 116 kB

Project Update - October 10, 2023 (PDF) 130 kB

Project Update - September 25, 2023 (PDF) 133 kB

Project Update - September 6, 2023 (PDF) 253 kB

Project Staff


Project Manager: John Chlebeck, Principal Engineer, Interceptor Engineering
Council's Authorized Representative: Jennifer Adams, Principal Contract Administrator, Construction Services

Project Contacts

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Capital Improvement Program
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