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Project Update - February 12, 2018.  See Project Updates below.

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Project Description

This project will construct a new regional sanitary sewer lift station (L18) to replace an existing aging lift station. The new L18 will be located at the northwest corner of Christmas Lake Rd. and 3rd Ave. on the site adjacent to the existing facility in the City of Shorewood. A portion of sanitary sewer pipe will also be reconstructed to connect the new lift station to the to the MCES regional sanitary sewer system on north side of Hwy. 7 in the City of Greenwood. Construction is scheduled to begin in fall 2016, and conclude with restoration activities in summer 2018.

Shorewood Lift Station Reconstruction Project Map


Project Updates

Project Update - February 12, 2018 188 kB

Project Update - January 4, 2018 129 kB

Project Update - December 22, 2017 127 kB

Project Update - November 8, 2017 531 kB

Project Update - September 29, 2017 335 kB

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