Champlin Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project

MCES Project No. 809310

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Project Update - January 15, 2020.  See Project Updates below.

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Project Overview

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) is making improvements to aging and deteriorating regional sanitary sewer facilities that serve homes and businesses in Champlin. The project will line the regional sanitary sewer pipe and rehabilitate or replace manholes.

Champlin Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project Information Sheet (PDF)

The Champlin site is located on Xylon Avenue along Emery Village Drive up to the South Pond Trail. Work will include rehabilitation of sewer pipe through existing manholes along the interceptor line. This will be done using a process called Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP), which involves installing a new liner inside the existing sewer pipe and manholes, eliminating the need for open trench work. Construction crews will also rehabilitate manholes, which involves minimal excavation. Project work started in February 2019 and will take approximately 9 to 12 months to complete.

What to Expect

  • Project equipment will be staged at Emery Farms Park during construction.
  • Emery Farms Park will be closed, but the playground will be open for the duration of the project.
  • Noise, vibrations, lights, and odors associated with wastewater pipe access and the Cured-in-Place-Pipe lining process.
  • Some of this work will occur overnight.
  • The trail north of 117th near Emery Village Drive, the sidewalk along the south side of 117th, and the trail south of 114th near Northland Park will be closed for the duration of the project. There will be temporary wastewater conveyance pipes set up along these paths.
  • Temporary wastewater conveyance pipes will be set up to transfer wastewater during construction to avoid service disruption.
  • Short-term road closures with designated detours and lane closures.
  • Temporary, one-day driveway closures when temporary wastewater conveyance pipes are buried under driveways and/or roads.
  • Xylon Avenue will be closed to through traffic during the period of construction; however, continuous access will be provided to all driveways. The work on Xylon Avenue is expected to be completed by July 2019.
  • Restoration of any disturbed road surface and landscape after construction is complete.

Project Updates


Construction Update - January 15, 2020 (PDF) 423 kB

Construction Update - December 12, 2019 (PDF) 425 kB

Construction Update - November 1, 2019 (PDF) 259 kB

Construction Update - October 15, 2019 (PDF) 736 kB

Construction Update - October 9, 2019 (PDF) 781 kB

Project Contacts

For information, please contact:


Call our project hotline: 763.392.3407

Information on the Brooklyn Park project can be found on the Brooklyn Park Sewer Rehabilitation Project site.

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