Burnsville Interceptor Improvements

MCES Project No. 808065

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Project Completion Notice - December 11, 2019.  See Project Updates below.

The sewer infrastructure improvement work on this project is complete. Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) will monitor restoration during the warranty period and make adjustments as needed. If you have further questions about this project, please contact us by email at SewerImprovements@metc.state.mn.us or call Tim O’Donnell, MCES Project Citizen Liaison, at 651-602-1269.


Project Description

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), operator of the metro-area wastewater collection and treatment system, made sewer infrastructure improvements in the City of Burnsville. 
Construction took place at two sites between April and October 2019.
The first site, along River Hills Drive between Highway 13 and North River Hills, work included open cut excavation and sewer lining. The second site, at Parc Drive and Burnsville Parkway, work included sewer lining.

Burnsville Interceptor Improvements Project Map (PDF)


Project Updates


Project Update - December 11, 2019 (PDF) 194 kB

Project Update - September 25, 2019 (PDF) 201 kB

Project Update - September 12, 2019 (PDF) 319 kB

Project Update - August 1, 2019 (PDF) 245 kB

Project Update - May 29, 2019 (PDF) 193 kB

Project Contacts

If you have any additional questions about this project, please contact:

Tim O'Donnell, Citizen Liaison
Metropolitan Council Environmental Services

Email: SewerImprovements@metc.state.mn.us
Phone: 651.602.1269

Project Staff


Project Manager: Ryan Piner, Principal Engineer, Interceptor Engineering
Council's Authorized Representative: Kim Sanders, Principal Contract Administrator, Construction Services

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