Woodbury L-73 Lift Station Access Improvements

MCES Project No. 805570

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Project Description

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) is making improvements to its wastewater Lift Station 73, located on the west side of County Road 19/Woodbury Drive in southeastern Woodbury. These updates will help ensure a safe work environment by allowing MCES staff easier access to the large pumps deep underground in this Lift Station. The Lift station access improvements began in April 2018 and are scheduled to be complete in December 2018.

The project includes:

  • Construction of an access building and tunnel
  • Installation of a stairwell inside the wet well to improve access to pumps
  • Construction of a building over the existing wet well
  • HVAC and electrical improvements

The project will take place on MCES property where Lift Station 73 is currently located. No road closures are anticipated due to this project. During parts of the project, neighbors may notice an increase in trucks and project equipment at the Lift Station, construction noise, and congestion on the access road due to increased activity onsite.

Project Updates

Coming soon

Project Contacts

For information, please contact:

Email: david.elzinga@metc.state.mn.us

Phone: 651.602.8924

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