Bassett's Creek Park and Theodore Wirth Park Sewer Improvement Project

MCES Project No. 807635

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Project Update - May 10, 2019.  See Project Updates below.

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Trail Closures

The pedestrian and bicyclist trails through the Theodore Wirth Park and Bassett’s Creek Park construction sites will close in May for final trail and park restoration work. The Theodore Wirth Park trail will close beginning the week of May 13 and remain closed through May 31. There will be a short-term closure of Bassett’s Creek Park trail during the week of May 20. During the closures, trail users will be detoured to other park trails or local streets. Detour signs will be posted. See trail detour map.

 Map showing closures.  Theodore Wirth Park Trail Closure (May 13 - 31), is closed along highway 55 north of Wirth Lake and north from highway 55 to 14th Avenue.   Bassett's Creek Park Trail Closure (week of May 20), is closed along the west side of Bassett's Creek Park to a few blocks east of Penn.  The detour route runs along Theodore Wirth Parkway west and south of Wirth Lake, then east along Glenwood Avenue and south along Morgan Avenue North.

Trail Detour Map (PDF)

Project Description

This project rehabilitates nearly 3,600 feet of the existing sanitary sewer and eight maintenance hole structures located in the Bassett’s Creek Park and Theodore Wirth Park area. Improvements will be made to the sewer along the Luce Line Trail between Inglewood Ave. N. and Morgan Ave. N. in Bassett’s Creek Park and also along the trail in Theodore Wirth Park from mid-July through fall of 2018.

The sewer rehabilitation will use a process called Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) to line existing pipe. This process creates a new pipe inside the existing pipe. Rehabilitation is necessary to avoid future collapse that could result in a loss of sewer service, environmental impacts, and public health and safety.

There will be no road closures, but there will be closures and detours to the Luce Line Trail. Other potential impacts include noise and dust, and tree removals. Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) worked with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to reduce tree removal and disruption to the parks.

The sewer serves homes and businesses in Minneapolis and Golden Valley and transports wastewater to the Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant in St. Paul. The sewer and treatment plant are part of the large metro-area wastewater collection and treatment system operated by MCES.

Bassett's Creek Park and Theodore Wirth Park Sewer Improvement Project Map (PDF)

Bassett's Creek Park and Theodore Wirth Park Sewer Improvement Project One-Pager (PDF)


Project Updates

Project Update - May 10, 2019 348 kB

Project Update - November 15, 2018 152 kB

Project Update - October 22, 2018 349 kB

Project Update - September 27, 2018 149 kB

Project Update - September 21, 2018 149 kB

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